DISC Training

DISC Training will help take your understanding and application of DISC to the next level.

You will build your knowledge of DISC and gain insight into how to apply this science in your own organization. After passing your exam, you will feel more confident in your knowledge and abilities by securing your TTI Success Insights DISC Certification. 

Training takes place from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Scottsdale, AZ time each day. The training is hosted via Zoom.

This Training Will:

  • Provide Real-Life Applications: This training will include scenarios on effective communication, conflict resolution, and team building, as well as addressing other developmental opportunities.
  • Teach Best Practices: This training will dive into the application of the individual, comparison, and team DISC reports. You will better understand the information provided within these reports and obtain debriefing experience while gaining access to insider tips.
  • Build Expertise: This training will increase your understanding of how to interpret DISC information and graphs while offering the opportunity to ask questions and explore ways DISC can be utilized within your organization.
  • Get You Started/Keep You Going: As a thank you for your time and to help you immediately hit the ground running, we include two DISC Management Staff reports to help you develop and refine skills your will learn during training.
  • Result in Exam Preparation: The training resources will provide you with the knowledge you need to successfully pass the DISC Certification Exam.

The Training Includes: 

  • Learn account with DISC course access
  • Personal DISC assessment
  • 2-day virtual instructor-led training
  • All training materials and take-aways
  • DISC Certification Exam
  • Two DISC Management-Staff reports to apply newly learned skills with friends and family

Event Details:

TTI Success Insights requires a minimum of 7 participants to host a training event. Each training has a maximum of 17 participants.


DISC Training does include mandatory pre-work that needs to be completed prior to attending:

  • Complete the DISC Learn course (2-3 hours).
  • Take the DISC assessment (10-15 minutes).


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